what should I consider when buying second hand office chairs!
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2nd hand table and chairs are easily available in the market and they are a good source to save the money. With the use of second hand furniture, you can easily rearrange your place and even change this furniture after few months or years and refurnish your place with the new one. While buying the second hand furniture you need to be really careful. You wouldn’t want to bring home damaged furniture right?

Thus, while buying 2nd hand office chairs, make sure you consider the following things:

· Type of the chair:

There are so many types of office chairs. When you go to a second hand goods shop, they’ll show you up to two to three different designs. Make sure you buy the one that suits the outlook of your office.

· Quality/ brand of the chair:

There’s a high chance that you get a branded second hand chair from the second hand market store. It’s just a matter of searching around and paying attention to the details of the chair and not merely buying one.

· Whether it’s damaged or not:

Make sure the fabric or the wood of the chair is not damaged. Check for it properly and buy it only when once satisfied.

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